Commercialisation Plan

Commercialisation Plan

Competitive Edge

Arista Farming’s main competitive advantages are:

  • SEA’s first “probiotics vegetables”
  • Efficient production utilising automated mobile NFT “open” gutter growing & harvesting system with the integration of the system
  • Circular waste management system
  • Experience in the agriculture industry goes back to 2000.

Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive marketing and sales plan will be developed through a curated workshop with Arista Farming Management and stakeholders in
due course. The following framework will be utilized to integrate the business objectives with the execution of
the marketing plan. The primary focus will be to identify the “source of volumes”, 
especially the acquisition of new end-users working closely 
with the channel partners.

Source of Volume

Relationship to Marketing objective

Possible channel strategies would consider the following:

  • 1
    Leverage eat ‘local’ and other consumption trends
  • 2
    Optimize marketing spend with adequate capital to grow internationally
  • 3
    Drive value versus price
  • 4
    Bring a better variety (of leafy produce) to market
  • 5
    Make the leafy produce fun and convenient
  • 6
    Think beyond conventional markets to producing crops for nutraceuticals,
  • 7
    Co-market with the sales channel partners (wholesalers)
  • 8
    Create in store marketing (the retailers/supermarkets)




Attract New Category Users

Increase Consumption among current users


Attract New Category Users

Increase Consumption Among multi brand users

Channel partners and retailers’ attribute performance will be a key factor in determining the types of marketing programmes that would be implemented. Arista Farming will adopt a proactive marketing plan to sell-in its leafy vegetables to its intermediaries, with focused priority on supermarkets, and then on F&B options. We will emphasize on the superior taste and nutritional benefits, as well as reliable year round output of our climate-controlled greenhouse facilities.The company will also develop a website and increase its social media presence. Future marketing strategies and programmes are being developed as mentioned and not included in this plan.

Sales Strategy
Arista Farming’s produce will mainline sold through wholesale marketing. Shipments of vegetables will be pre-packed and transported and customized as per orders.

x Farm workers

Job Creation

Organisation Structure

Management CEO

Advisory Board (TBC)

Farm Management

Sustainability Farming & Tech

Farm Infra Management & Maintenance

Business Transformation & Development

Office management

Farm Operations

Supply Chain

Sales / MKT & Distribution


Waste Management