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Proposed project and objective

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Proposed Project Fulfils the Objective Objectives

To produce the world’s first probiotics fresh leafy vegetable that is high in nutrition and taste. There will be not be any harmful chemicals, pesticide, herbicide, preservative which means that there will be zero agriculture runoff to pollute the environment. – To achieve high production yield – at least 4 times more output in comparison with that of soil-based farm and 2 times more than what we can achieve using the fixed gutter system – Manpower savings of general workers (headcount of 1/3 of the soil base farm and 1/2 the fix gutter system) and upskilling of manpower to operate the agri-technologies – Reduce impact on the environment.

Sustainability Farm Design

  • Holistic and integrated design of people, processes and technology (ESG embedded)
  • BioTech Farming design of the production and harvesting of seeds
  • Carbon footprint and renewal energy profiling for continuous monitoring and reduction via IoT Smart Farming solutions
  • Circular design of waste management system to minimise carbon footprint and landfill waste

Agricultural Technology

  • Agriculture technology will feature heavily to increase production yield, improve food quality and promote sustainability of Arista Farming's farm value chain:
  • Biologics (microbiome) based Agri-tech solutions to create world’s first probiotics fresh vegetables
  • IoT Smart Farming solutions to automate the measurement and monitoring of: o Irrigation and water treatment o Greenhouse temperature o pH level o Irrigation o Environmental impact – electricity, water, waste o Data analytics
  • Automated customised Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) hydroponic “open” gutter growing & harvesting system with “Ellepot”
  • Greenhouse Ventilation and Temperature Control System. The structures being used are Richelle multi-spans, which come complete with computer temperature sensors, automatic opening and closing vents, automatic misting and seedling
  • Solar-powered Greenhouse
  • Microbiome Fermentation Waste Management System

Integration of Various Systems

When different stages of the workflow are automated, there is potential for the various stages to be digitally integrated into a seamless, automated workflow.