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Sustainable Agriculture Solution

SEA First “Probiotics Fresh Vegetables & Fruits”  

In the next 5 years, we will collaborate and seek advice with an established local scientist on developing our very own sustainable agriculture solutions. It involves the use of nutribiotic fertilizer which is made of lactobacillus (a gold class probiotic recognized by US FDA) fermented high protein, organic animal waste and agro waste. 

This unique agriculture solution helps improve the yield, growth, taste and health beneficial elements to the vegetables:

Naturally organic – Fully fermented chemical and antibiotic free animal waste and agro waste – balanced C/N ratio (carbon/nitrogen), complete mix of nutrients, trace elements and humic acid which is highly carbon efficient and greatly reduces carbon footprint, a proprietary microbiome fermentation technology to enable nutritious and sweeter crops and which has 5- 10X more phytonutrients compared to other vegetables, with 50% higher in antioxidant and a much longer shelf life.

Leafy vegetables grown with this technology are sustainable, crunchy and tasty, and have large amounts of live lactobacillus (probiotic-health beneficial bacteria), that greatly induce better gut health and improves immunity similar to drinking cultured milk drinks (Yakult, Vitagen). Leafy Vegetables The main leafy vegetables to be grown will be Chye Sim, Kai Lan, Siow Bai Chai and Nai Bai. Farming Lettuce is also part of the plan for high commodity value.

Projected Productivity Outcome We estimated a total of 1,400 tonnes per annum productivity. Expected farm produces ratio: 20% lettuce, 80% local staple vegetable type

Research and Development We will continue our quest for the best flavoured and nutritional vegetables by working with our Agri-tech partner to learn about and develop seeds of vegetables that are hardier and grow faster in our local climate. These and other available species and systems will be constantly tracked throughout the year.